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Hypothyroid or Manic Depression/ADHD??

My twelve year old son was diagnosed at age 5 with ADHD.  He took Ritalin until two years ago.  He now takes Adderall, Zoloft, Depakote, Coloinidine, Periactin and Hydroxyzine.  His/My doctor has now said that he is also a Manic Depressive.  I know all about being a Manic Depressive because I am one also.  He takes Adderall for ADHD, Zoloft for Depression, Depakote for Manic, Coloindine for a hand to face tick, Periactin for itching/to gain weight, and Hydroxyzine for itching.  I am also Hypothyroid, as are my sisters and father.  My six year old daughter was just diagnosed with ADD and is on Ritalin.  I have been researching all of these and have seen that hypothyroid covers them all.  I also have a goiter.  I have told my doctor that my syptoms have not improved, I take .05 synthroid. (My sisters and father take higher doses) I have read that even if the blood test are "normal" that you can still need more Synthroid. Is this true?  If my son and daughter have thyroid problems also could this count out the ADD/ADHD and Manic Depression with all of us?  No other members of our families have these, only Hypothyroid.  I guess that I would rather have passed on Hypothyroid to my children that Manic Depression.  Just the idea that they would have to live thier lives in such pain is very unnerving to me.  Knowing that Manic Depression often ends in suicide makes me want to help them in any way I can.  I have been to Manic Depression support groups but they have never helped.  They depress me and I start to think it is hopeless.
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Dear T. Gilbert,

While you didn't list particular symptoms with your son, hypothyroidism isn't usually confused with bipolar disorder or ADHD (unless the only symptom of ADHD is inattention).

It's always important to rule out any pertinent medical conditions before concluding that symptoms are due to a mental or emotional disorder. This is true, for example, relative to ruling out thyroid problems in conditions related to mood. The diagnosis is simple enough, as you know, with the proper lab studies.

Relative to treatment, clinical symptoms of hypothyroid are as important as the level of TSH. Remember, too, the possibility of symptoms being caused by the mood disorder, even while thyroid hormone levels are fine.
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The symptoms that my son shows that look like hypothyroidism are as follows:  Low body temp...96.4 or less taken in the morning before getting out of bed 5 days in a row.  Dry skin/hair...to the point of scratching himself constantly.  Brittle nails...they flake off.  Insomnia...he lays in bed for hours. Poor short term memory and concentration...He has to write notes to himself.   Depression...  irritability...  anxiety attacks...not that many though.  Swollen looking eyes...  Skin problems/infections...  Dry eyes...  Heat and cold intolerance...when hot rips clothes off(no matter when we are)/when cold screams.  Constipation...  Slow healing... has sores that have been on his legs for up to four months...  Itchiness...takes medication to stop.  Mood swings... Crying jags... Stiff joints...  Loss of appetite...He has weighted 60 pounds for three years.  Pale skin...you can almost see through it.  The last blood tests were in Feburary of this year.  TSH.....2.69  FREE T4.....1.30  His doctor told me she wouldn't even order liver tests every other month because she doesn't like to have kids stuck if it isn't needed.  (While the other doctor is freaking out because they aren't done monthly)

My Daughter has most of the same symptoms with the addition of Slow speech... she has been in speech class for the last three years.  Muscle cramps... in her legs.  Astmhma/allergies...has inhaler for pollen season and takes Zyrtec...  Food intolerances...tomatoes and red dye.  She is in summer school for kindergarten because of her poor concentration.  She hasn't had blood work done.  

I have always been told that my blood levels are "fine" without an discription as to what is high or low.  But still have my symptoms.  

I would like to thank you for answering my questions here.  It is a wonderful site.  And have learned many things just from reading other peoples posts.  Thank you again!
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