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I am 13 and I want to know if I am being emotionaly abused?

Ok so I am 13 years old and I was adopted from Russia.  I need help; I do not know if what my mom is doing is considered Emotional Abuse or not.  So let me explain my mom has stress issues and high blood pressure.(I will get to why I stated about the blood pressure and stress later)  So me and my mom always had a very rocky life together.  She always yells at me for little things.  An example is one time I had a bowl of popcorn and it spilled out on the carpet and I did not eat it and threw it away.  Well my mom then proceeds to get very mad and she yells at me and says I am always wasting stuff and I am a stupid germaphobe.  I am a germaphobe but my mom loves to remind me theat I am a germaphobe and that I am not right for that reason.  I wash my hands before every time I eat and I use soap well my mom gets mad when I use too much soap.  Also my mom gets mad when soap bubbles appear in the sink after I wash my hands.  I use to always get bullied so I have sometimes involuntarily a sarcastic sound in my voice and when my mom calls me it just comes out like I am talking back and then she blows up.  It got to the point were she said I wash my hands of you I don't care about you and she did not talk to me for two days.  In some arguments she brings up that I was adopted and I was a waste of money and that I am an ungrateful F**k. Also she says that I will cause her to die of a heart attack and that it whould be my fault.  She also always compares me to my cousin or kids on the street if I don't make merit role and calls me retareded and always says that I am stupid.  If you want to know more tell me. I will give you my email.
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To me, it sounds like your adoptive mother has other things that are bothering her and she is inappropriately taking it out on you.  This is what I recommend - When you go to school tomorrow, ask to speak to the school counselor about this issue.  The counselor would be in a better position determining what is going on.  The counselor may want to speak with your mother.  Regardless, these behaviors should be addressed.  It is good that you brought this issue up for discussion in this forum.
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Thank you for answering. I have tired to talk to the consoler but she she tells my mom no matter what I tell her and my mom gets mad and says I am an idot and I should be nicer to her.  She says that my cousin who is also abused has it worse than me so I have no room to complain and then says that she should send me back to the orphanage in Russia and I ws not worth it
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Do you have a dad?
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Yes I have told him and he told my mom and she got really mad and just started insulting me the problem is her anger varys in serverity sometimes its minor and other times it is reall bad.  I tense up when she is around and I feel like I cant be myself around her.
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It sounds like your mom may have a medical condition that makes her have unpredictable mood swings and anger.

I'm sorry you're in this position - but can you talk to your dad about getting an appointment for her with a doctor to try to get her some help?
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I am so sorry to hear sweet heart that is terrible. I truly hope that you are not taking it personally, that she is taking it out on you.
Be strong
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Thanks for the advice  I tried but my dad got mad at the fact that I said she might have something wrong.  I mean I am getting depressed it is just so stressfull I cant talk ot anyone about stress if I try my mom she yells at me if I try my dad he says he is too busy with work I don't know what to do.
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hey sweetie, I just read your post and wanted to know how thing were going. I hope a lot better.
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