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I keep having disturbing thoughts

I'm in my teenage years and well, i keep having disturbing thoughts.
One of them is with my body parts, thinking that they might get stuck between an escalator, or toothpick wedged under a toenail and hitting a wall. They are not everyday thoughts but they occur every once in a while.
The other is stuff being done to cats, such as tieng 2 cats tails together and watching them attack eachother until they  die, or raping cats or burning them...
It's not like I want to do it at all, I love cats but I keep having a weird curiousive feeling about it.
I don't know what it is.. I don't want to do it at all or anything.. just curiousity... nor would i like to see it being done but i keep thinking about stuff like that sometimes..
I would state these thoughts to be rare but i do think about them
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Your symptoms are typical of certain anxiety disorders, but that can only be determined by an evaluation with a mental health professional. Depending on your age, arrange or have your parent arrange such an evaluation.
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