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I think my nephew is ADHD

I believe that my nephew is ADHD. He is almost 7 and he doesn't know his right from his left, he can't tie his own shoes. He is socially immature compared to other boys his age. He can not sit still. He is constantly moving. He doesn't sleep through the night. He wakes up and rocks on his knees in the fetal postition. His partents let him "bonk" at night before bed. He sits in a chair or on the sofa and rocks back and forth. He loves to play with toddler toys and is very content doing so.  He has problems in school for being disruptive or goofing off.

My mother and my husband both agree that something isn't right with this kid. Last year when he came up for the summer my mother mentioned it to my sister that she may want to have him checked out. She was very upset saying that there was nothing wrong with him. She believes that he's just an active boy and that we are comparing him to his 13 year old sister when she was that age. That is not the case. Something is definately wrong with this little boy. He does things and when you ask him why he doesn't know. He is at times destructive. My question is how do you get a parent to see what is going on with their child and get them to have the child evaluated?? She says she doesn't want him medicatied, labled or give him an excuse for his bad behavior. Yet she makes excuses for him by saying "boys will be boys" or "he's only 7".  I feel that if she doesn't seek help for him that he will be labled in school as a looser or a dork etc. I also believe that he will end up in the wrong crowd when he is older because they will be the only ones who will accept him. Then they'll just use him to be the fall guy at school. Its sad and I'm very concerned & I want to see him get help before its too late.

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thank you

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Hi I think the parents firstly should get him to the Doc and get an evaluation ,it is very hard for parents to accept their child May have some problem.Does he get attention has he siblings and how does he get on with them,Do his parents react with Tolerance to his behavior. Perhaps you need to be firm in asking them to seek help from a Proffessional, you are a relative and help with him you can do this.
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My question is how do you get a parent to see what is going on with their child and get them to have the child evaluated??

You can't make a parent get a child evaluated unless you believe that the lack of evaluation/ treatment is physically/ emotionally dangerous for the child. At that point, your option is to call CPS to report the person. This is your sister, so my assumption is that you are not going to do that ( I would not either:))

If you are uncomfortable having him around because of his behavior, you have every right to refuse to be around him-- that's your call. I assume you don't want to do that either (and neither would I.)

Since you have already broached this subject with your sister, his parent, and she has indicated that she does not want to take your advice, I don't think you can do anything else-- you've already gone beyond where most would. If his behavior/ issues are severe enough, his school will raise this with his parents-- they will bring it to your sister's attention. If she fails to act in her son's interests after this type of intervention from school, then the school will call CPS-- they have to. If the school never makes this type of intervention, then your sister will probably not have to do anything to change her thoughts about her son.

Its a tough spot to be in, but its a parent's job to take care of their kids-- and we all must abide by parental decisions unless we are willing to overrule them-- and that's when the law must get involved.
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