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Im fighting with my 28 months old

First of all.  I have been using the attachment parenting, natural parenting and redirecting energy instead of punishing behavior.  Both my kids where all natural and I did all I could to be as healthy I could while pregnant.  I work for an organic farm and believe in Pachamama (mother earth) is the most important since we are part of it.  Ok I am not the average american.  I am not american actually.  Im a french canadien.  

Ok my son is 28 month and out of control.  Its been about 6 weeks and for 4 of them I was patient enough.  On the past weeks he has been showing sign of terrible twos or just he is jalous of my 6 months old daughter.  I have been staying home since his birth except occasional days when i go work at the market.  He screams a lot, he doesnt like going down to bed for nap (he has took 3hrs nap per day since 6 months of age)  He still needs it because if he doesnt sleep he fully acts out.  Its always a battle to dress him and to do what i want him i have to brib him.

  I have made effort to play with him a lot and do special activities with him tru the day.  When my bed time routine is done, Bath, reading book and stuff we lay down(we have shared bed since birth and we use family bed approch... like most of the family in this world)  my problem is that he doesnt understand his boundries and starts whiping his buggers on me and do all the he knows trigger my anger.  I then say you will go sleep to your feeding chair... (we live in a 400sf house and so their is no other choice really.  I dont know how to manage my anger..... I have squezed him and got verrrryyyy upset with him and he laught and restart.  I feel like a bad mother to get so mad at him.

My son is really not too nice with other child.  he takes toys, he push down other child, he kicks and trow sand and other behavior this lenght.  he does share at times and I know they cant really share before 4 yrs but he is always the most NOT NICE....  

what can i do to redirect his energy, how can i guide him when myself get so mad... He then take my exemple to express himself..... I want to be the loving mother but he makes me so mad that im wondering if i can love him the way i use too.  I want to see him as the cool dude hes been but recently i only see him as a punk and its a struggle to wake up to his behavior.  I want to act now before its too late.....

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3 hour naps is way to long. he probally sees that you dont want to be around him and he is acting out to get your attention. You need to try and stay calm with him, when he misbehaves put him in timeout for 4 minutes. When you get to your wits end and you need a break try and go to the bathroom for a few minutes to calm down or go outside for a few minutes then come back and deal with the sitution
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Firstly I just want to say that I think attachment parenting and having a family bed is a great way to bring up children (I did the same thing and its just so natural and instinctive, and my son is happy, healthy and thankfully well behaved), and it sounds like you are a really loving mother.  However mothers are also human too - and it sounds like your little boy is a real handful.  Now some degree of "naughtiness" and boundary pushing is part of normal development in 2-3 year olds as they start to assert their own desires and will, and often they can be angry or mean as they get frustrated at not getting their own way.  This normally settles down as they get a bit older and can verbally express themselves better.  But what do you do in the meantime?  Maybe you could see a family therapist or child behaviour specialist just to give you some tips or advice.... You could also try taking your wee boy to a playgroup or preschool for a few hours a week - sometimes some stimulation and socialisation can help them.  You could also ask your friends who have well behaved children what they did, and see if it works for you, other mothers often have heaps of great ideas and tips.
good luck
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