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Inattention on my 7yr old son

My son is 7yrs old, he grew up  rather a shy child especialy infront of strangers and other kids,he started big school(grade1) this year and he was still as shy at the begging of the year but lately he has become a very rude child towards myself and the nanny but very respecting towards his father,he refuses to do his homework and demands to watch television rather when instructed by the nanny and when im home and instruct him to do his homework he'll do it but complaining or even crying.

He has picked up a tendancy of lying about things i.e he'd hide his homework book and say he forgot it at school while its hiden under his bed,he gets angry and irritated when we go into his room as he just wants to sit alone and watch his television,he'd agressively command people to leave his room.
Whats scearey is that recently he's been threatening that he'd dessappear and not come back because he hates being told what to do and when the nanny asks him what would he wear if he dissappears as all his clothes are at home he rplied saying he does'nt care about his clothes he will just go to place very far,im worried because i dont know what that means im scared he'd walk far from school with the intention of getting lost.

Please help im very worried right now.
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I think you have to set rules with this young man he is obviously used to having his own way , give Nanny permission to turn the TV off until homework is done, in fact you tell him that you have told nanny to leave it off until his homework/chores are done ., sounds like this nanny for whatever reason is a bit ineffectual and some firmness and consistency is needed. I do know one thing he's still your son, his misbehavior is down to you, the Nanny only look after him you set the rules ...get tough  
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Thank you for your input,much appreciated
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