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Is attachment disorder recognised as a medical condition?

I was wondering if attachment disorder (or developmental trauma) is a recognised official medical condition which can be diagnosed?
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Yes.  RAD (reactive attachment disorder) is a psychiatric diagnosis.  Below is the link for the criteria for diagnosis in the DSM-5:

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Thank you for helping! I was just wondering whether this also covers the other types of attachment disorder such as Ambivalent and Disorganised? Are these both recognised medical conditions?

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Ambivalent, disorganized, and avoidant attachment are types of insecure attachment but are not considered an attachment disorder. RAD (reactive attachment disorder) is typically applied to children who fail to attach (for example, children adopted after being in an orphanage for a longer period of time). Developmental trauma disorder is, regretfully, also not a specific disorder, although it should be. It reflects a combination of problems, including significant dysregulation (inability to regulate one's emotions, etc., adeqequately), typically experienced because the child was exposed to complex trauma (typically more than one type of trauma, including abuse, and frequently, living in a more chaotic household. If you have been told by a mental health professional that your child is insecurely attached (ambivalent, disorganized, avoidant) or has symptoms of developmental trauma disorder, having your child be seen by a mental health professional (licensed social worker, psychologist) with expertise in these areas would be very helpful. Many treatments for developmental trauma disorder also focus on attachment. To find a therapist with training in "evidence-based and trauma-focused therapies", you might call your local Child Advocacy Center for a referral. You can find your local center here: http://www.onewithcourage.org/find-a-center/
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