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Is it normal for little girls to experiment with each other at 5 n 7?

My daughter who is 7 went to a neighbor's house to play. She was playing with her gfriend who is 5.  I go over to her house and check on them. When I open the bedroom door they quickly pull their pants up. I took my daughter home and asked her what they were doing. she said her friend was going to show her what grown ups do. So I asked her what that was and she told me the little girl told her that grown ups pull their pants down and rub on each other. So thts what hey did I was mortified. My daughter has never seen or heard anything like that. Idk what to do. Is this normal? Has my daughter been violated by her friend? Could my daughter really been the instigator? Was it the other little girl? I'm freaking out.
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You can get a wide range of answers to this. You may have one child make sexual advances toward another in the name of playing a game or role playing or whatever.  Do you want your child doing it?  NO.  And that is where you have the conversations of no one touches your privates but you.  And you don't touch anyone else's privates.  And supervision of young kids is important.  
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