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Is it normal for my 2½ year old to say "oh no" all of the time?

My daughter will actually be 3 in August, and she goes through these phases of saying "oh no" constantly. Even if nothing appears to be wrong, to an adult at least. Sometimes she just says "oh no" and sometimes she'll point to something and say it. I try not to make a big deal about it, and tell her things like, "oh it's okay" or "that's no big deal". Every once in awhile it will get under my skin though, and after hearing "oh no" for about the 100th time in a day I'm like okay, "stop with the "oh nos" now". She never does though... *Sigh*, she never does.
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Ha, you'll likely laugh about this some day.  I think toddlers do exactly this.  That "oh no" elicited a response out of you at one point or her at one point, and now she's 'into it'.  You can ignore it, she'll eventually stop (but you'll miss it probably if she does too soon).  These are fond memories you are building even if a little annoying in the moment.  How is her speech otherwise?  
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It seems like she's been saying a lot of new words over the past week.
Oh, well, that's good, right??  They do sort of 'take off' with language.  :>)))
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