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Is my 3.5 year old son normal?

In the last month I have become concerned about my 3 1/2 yr old son's behavior and development. He used to be mellow and sweet, but lately seems very unhappy, preoccupied, distracted, etc. Recently, a sibling of mine has been diagnosed with an unspecified personality disorder
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I think some of that sounds normal especially if he is an ONLY child - I would bring it all up to his pediatrician the next time he has a check up - They may be able to tell you - You can search the net and also read up on some parenting books - A good one is What to expect the Toddler Years - I can't remember what age that goes up to though - Good Luck to you  
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Remember this:  They always seem to regress, and act 'younger' around their HALF birthdays.  My son did the same thing at 3.5, he will be 4 next week, and he now acts 4 instead of 2 like 6 months ago.  I think he is normal.....
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And I think pre-K may be wonderful for him, may help him mature socially.  He needs to interact with kids his own age.
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