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Is my 8 year old showing symptoms of OCD?

I have become concerned in the last couple months that my 8-year-old son is showing signs of OCD. The most obvious behavior is related to some warts he has had for many months.

He has the idea that he needs to wipe his hands on something (usually his shirt, or jacket, but also furniture and other things) to keep them from spreading. If he wipes one hand, he always wipes the other in the same manner. This behavior is fairly discreet, but has now become almost constant. He has told me that he does this because he is worried about the warts, and that he plays a game with himself to make everything come out even. He told me he is aware that it is now a habit, and that he does it without thinking and would like to stop.

Three months ago he began yawning constantly, once every couple seconds, and did so for three weeks. It did not seem related to the amount of sleep he was getting. This behavior did go away, but returns intermittently for days at a time.

Two months ago he started clearing his throat (very short clearing sounds) constantly. This too lasted for weeks, but like the yawning, has subsided and returns occasionally for a couple days.

None of this behavior has interfered with other activities. He will stop wiping his hands when he needs them for other things.

He is an exceptionally bright boy, but is very easily distracted and absorbed by things of interest, which often keeps him from completing assigned tasks (at school and at home). He is an advanced reader and problem solver, and enjoys algebra problems. He has an amazing memory for facts, and can understand advanced concepts. He is very open socially, but very independent and non-conforming with regard to peers. He is very awkward, physically.

I don
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This collection of symptoms suggests several possible overlapping conditions: Tourette's Disorder, OCD and Inattentive-type ADHD. It would be prudent to seek an evaluation. You could start with a Pediatric Neurologist or with a Child Psychiatrist - either would be a reasonable plan. I don't think it's wise to try to address this by yourself, because one or more of these conditions (if indeed one or more is present) will require some pharmacological treatment.
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A couple years ago my stepson went through a phase where he kept touching himself, last year he couldn't stop spitting, and thins year it's eye twitching. Eventually it all went away. I think it's just a phase. By the way, your question was very nicely worded and it's unusual to see proper use of paragraphs, very nice.
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As a bit of reassurance for your son:  I don't know what kind of warts, but when I was young I had warts all (i mean ALL) over my hands.  I remember being teased and I remember conciously avoiding holding hands with ppl.  I was disappointed when the doctor told me they'd probably go away when I hit puberty and wasn't going to do anything.  It turns out that around 11-12 years old, I looked one day and noticed a large one looked a bit smaller.  Within a month they were gone.  You'd never know they'd been there - it's been so many years now I even forget that I'd had that problem as a kid.
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