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Is my child adhd

My child is 3 1/2 and does not like to be read to or color. He likes to look at books by himself and talk about them. He has a huge vocab. but prefers to mostly talk to himself. He has gotten better about talking to family. He will sit for along time and play with animals, trucks. puzzles, and loves tv.  He seems very intell. , except for the socializing and talking to other people. He sometimes grits his teeth and puts his arm to his mouth when he gets excited. Does this sound adhd.
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There is no indication that your son displays ADHD. And, to be truthful, it is often a risky venture to try to diagnose such a condition in a child as young as three in any case. By nature children this age are active and distractible and not in possession of a particularly long span of attention. Be sure he is having opportunities to be with peers in recreational situations. Social skills can improve only with 'practice'.
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As a social worker myself I can say that this does not sound like a case of early adhd. This seems to be normal behavior for a child of his age. I dont think you have anything to worry about at this point. You may wish to observe his behaviors around his peers, especially if he is in a Pre-K program, and to try to get him more exposure to kids his age so he can begin to develop socialization skills so critical to his development. Try a church group, Pre-K if he isnt in one, or a sitter with kids his age.

Hope that helps!
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