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Is my son masterbating or hurting? Worried.

My son will be one in 3 weeks. He just recently started clenching and stiffening his legs straight out and it looks and sounds like he’s trying to poop but isn’t. So I just checked his diaper and he had an erect penis.. I’m confused if he’s intentionally squeezing his legs together for an enjoyable feeling or just getting random erections and clenching his legs together due to pain or discomfort.
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I don't think that is what is happening.  I'd talk to the pediatrician about reflux and gas pains.  A drop gas med when eating should prevent this.
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Ya, I think Specialmom has a good point.  At this age an erect penis is not unusual just before peeing, so don't worry about that.  You might want to record when you notice the leg stiffing and the time, etc. to look for a pattern.  After eating etc.
    Hopefully, this will just end on its own.
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