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Is my son's behavior normal?

My son who will be turning four in July throws toys. Is it normal for him to throw his toys all of the time and ignore instructions. He also shrieks sometimes when he gets excited which I thought was normal but my lovely "mother" keeps hounding me that its not normal...................... I have asked the pediatrician about my sons behavior but she tells me that he can't be evaluated until hes in a classroon environment to see if he acts normal compared to other children his own age. I am basically just trying to get some kind of guideline to whether this is common behavior for preschool aged children and if so is there something that I can do at home to try and resolve the situation? Please help!!
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None of what you describe invites alarm. However, it does demand a response by way of managing the behavior. See the advice on the two recent postings for a sound guide you can follow.

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