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Is playing with girls normal for 6 year old boy

My son seems to be very masculine at times, he loves his nintendo ds, and all of the fighting games. He is always playing Power Rangers and hitting or kicking something. However, for some reason at school he seems to play with more girls than boys. He likes to play pretend games and he says there are certain girls that like to do that with him. Like Pokemon , chase , superhero etc. I have become concerned because he is picking up girlish behavior i.e worry about her feelings, petty girly things.  He is a very sensitive boy ,and he is older than most of his classmates because we held him back due to him having a summer birthday.  I am worried that he will develop the reputation of being the boy who plays with girls, or that this may be a sign of homosexuality.  Please advise.

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Let your boy be himself and if that means playing with girls that's okay.  He may even have a crush on one or more of those girls.  I know I liked boys in kindergarten and so did all of my girls.  My 5 year old girl loves to play with boys.  She connected with one boy at school and when I asked his mother if we could schedule a play date, she said no because he needs to have more boy friends.  I was offended by this.  Her boy was very boyish.  Kids connect with different kids and sometimes it has nothing to do with if they are male of female.  Try not to worry.  Kids grow up and change a lot. You will see many changes before he is all grown up.  
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I have 8 close friends, 7 of them are male. I am a female. I connect better with men.
My son plays mostly with girls. Gilrs are better in pretend play and are more predictable. Especially if he is sensitive, he may still like to pretend he is a power-ranger, but become a little anxious when other boys play "rough".
Worrying about feelings is not a girlish behavior, it is a good trait in children since it helps them to learn - greatly. I wish my son worried about others' feelings more:)

Please do not be such a weirdo yourself and let him play with whoever he chooses to.
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