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Lice is ruining our lives!!!!!!!

My 7 year old daughter keeps getting lice. I am so sick of this. Some children never have them, others like my daughter seem to have them all the time and I hear people using the lice treatments once and getting rid of them, but my daughter keeps getting them over and over again. I have searched on the Internet and there are so many different sites out there that say one thing and then others say that it's a myth. I don't understand why she keeps getting re-infested. I have been battling these little bastards since October!! Going on a year now this time. A couple years ago we were on vacation with my grandmother and we all got lice, we treated and we were fine for awhile, I thought this nightmare was over. But then she got them again and the many times she has had them I have never gotten them again, which I tried to search for an answer for why she keeps getting them but I don't. I am at the end of my rope, washing bedding multiple times a week, vacuuming, I even boil the lice combs and any combs that were used just in case they had any nits left in them, yet just when I think I have gotten rid of them, they are there again. I also heard about some pill, but heard its being developed still. Also I remember when I was in school, everyone was checked for lice and they would educate and hand out combs so if some one had it they could be treated and not spread it all around, they don't do that any more which is BS in my opinion. Anyway the only thing that worked for us was this shampoo called Licenex, you have to get it online and it is a little pricey, but anyone who says they have tried everything and nothing seems to work should definitely try this. Unlike the stuff you get in the pharmacy or from the doctor that says you shouldn't use it multiple times, the Licenex shampoo is homeopathic and is safe to use every day. We used it after that time when we went on vacation and I made everyone use it everyday for like a week and then a couple times a week after that and I always comb with the lice comb after every shower and then wipe off onto a paper towel or toilet paper to view anything that comes out. My daughters hair has been coming out clean for the past couple days so I am crossing my fingers that she is clear. But knowing the trend we have had this past year I am not jinxing myself yet. We're trying something called the nit nanny which is pesticide free and a shampoo called fairy tales rosemary repel shampoo which is supposed to repel the lice because supposedly they hate the smell of rosemary ( I've heard tea tree oil as well) . I'm going to put her hair in a tight bun every day since back to school is next week, heard that free hanging hair is more of a target for the lice. I'll try anything at this point. Well I hope that any one who tries the Licenex finds that it works for you, I haven't seen anyone post on here about that particular treatment yet. Good luck to everyone in your battle!!!!!!
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Thing is you have to go after them ....continual combing , contniual washing of clothes , sheets towels ...all the time ..she may also get reinfected from others .Not easy I know ..the little horrors dont like to be disturbed so get your dd combing as much as she can.Cut her hair short for the moment as long hair is worse ..soft toys need washing as well if she has them around .good luck  
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I use to get lice a lot when I was a kid. To get rid of them my grandma used dog flea/tick removal shampoo on us. She let it sit in our hair for about 20 minutes (it itches like hell the longer its on) then she would rinse and soak our hair in baby oil. Then comb the lil critters out. It did have to be repeated. I dyed my hair once also when 12 & after that they never came back.
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Oh BOY!  I went through this with my daughter one school year.  She got it THREE times.  I was so agitated!  Most likely...what's happening is, you're erradicating them but then she's getting reinfested, either at school, or somewhere else OR, more likely, you are just missing one or two nits.  That's what we eventually figured out.  

I'm sure you know this already, but the shampoos aren't enough.  You have to literally go through EVERY strand of hair and HAND pick out every nit.  ONE nit left behind...and she's going to get it all over again.

Contrary to popular belief, it's actually pretty hard to get it from bedding and sheets and things.  They don't live long without a host.  HOWEVER...another recommendation would be to BAG up all the linens, and start with new sets.  Keep them bagged for about a month, then wash and reuse.  That's what our school nurse told us.  I still don't think that's a source.

If this continues to be a problem, take her to the doctor.  There is an RX strength lice shampoo that works VERY well, but unfortunately, it's got some nasty toxic stuff in it.  Usually, a doc will only Rx it once.  I was there...and luckily, for me, we FINALLY got rid of it before I had to take those measures.  Just sit her down, and check through every strand of hair, like three times.  I think you'll find a few left behind.

I still have a drawer FULL of every lice comb imagineable.  I even bought the electric one.  Ended up only using that once, for like 10 minutes because my daughter said it felt like a "shock".  Oh my...I DON'T miss those days...I feel for you.  It WILL pass, I promise.  You're doing everything right..just be sure you are meticulous about the nit picking...that's the key.

Also, there are some awesome homemade recipes online that will serve to loosen the nits, making them easier to remove.  Also, if your daughter has real long hair, you may consider cutting it shorter.  

Speaking of that...lice is were that term originated from, "nit picking".  LOL

Good luck!  (Now I'm itchy)
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BTW, DON'T use the products meant for dogs/cats!  No no no!  Not made for people, and they contain harsher toxins.
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I know she is getting reinfested. She goes to her dads on the weekends, and he always has someone over or lets her sleep over because she says she is bored there. And what do you know she comes back and oh look she has lice again and guess who has to deal with it. I told her she cannot sleep over anyones house, she thinks that she is being punished because she is young and doesn't understand. I told her one day you will thank me lol. I can't deal with another round of lice I'm really hoping that the repel shampoo will help. I bought tea tree oil shampoo today also. Wondering about that pill but seems too good to be true. Also was thinking how prevalent lice is nowadays compared to just a short time ago. Makes me worried about how resistant and hard to get rid of they are now, what's it going to be like in just another couple of years, I feel like they will be completely immune and resistant to the shampoos.
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I don't know...I sure remember getting my head checked a lot in school when there would be cases found.  It's just one of those things that is here to stay.  They definitely have built up resistance to the lice treatments.  My children's pediatrician told me that, and so did the school nurse.

Hopefully, this will soon be in your past.  How I feel for you!
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Treat everyone in the household and wash blankets towels all linens every day!  I know it seems like alot but someone she is constantly around still has it. And tell the school and her friends so they can treat themselves too to make sure no one continues to get it.
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Good idea is to bag all stuffed toys and dolls in a BLACK plastic leaf bag for 10 days!  Those things that can't be washed.  
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yup thats it...many parents dont realise that the eggs are left behind ...I do sympathise its a hard task
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Everyone has good ideas- I would just like to add in that when you put her hair up for school or any time, use hairspray. Lice don't like it.
Tea tree oil is supposed to help but there's a girl that always came to the daycare I worked at that was ALWAYS infected. She used tea tree oil on her but it didn't work.
I think some kids are more susceptable to lice just like people are more likely to get mosquito bites. They must really like your daughter.
Also, they like clean hair, not dirty so maybe try going a week without a wash? It would be weird but it's always worth a try right? Just pick for nits in the meantime and see what comes up.
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