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Lining up Cars.....

I have posted on here before and now have narrowed down my sons behaviours.

He does everything normal except he has doesn't have any logical speech and now lines up his cars into long straight lines. He is 2 years and 8 months and has expressive and receptive langudage delay.

Otherwise he has good eye contact, is sociable and plays normally.

He is seeing a paediatrician in a few weeks and is currently having speech therapy.

Is the lining up of toys a significant behaviour?

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Hello old friend!  I just wanted to say that my 4 year old with no delays of any kind is the king of lining things up.  He's "organizing" them as he tells us.  So some kids just do this.  I think it is more important to notice how he plays with the cars after he lines them up.  Does he drive them around and pretend with them?  That is relevant because with autism you would probably only see lining up the cars and no play.  Pretend play is an important developmental step for kids.  You'll get others opinions here too as mine is just one of many . . .

How is the speech therapy going?
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Yes he plays with them too and drives them round, even sits on them pretending to ride them. But we are so nervous that everything scares us! He pretends a lot now...
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Well that is a really good sign.  Pretend play is something most autistic kids really struggle with.  You'll probably see more and more of this as his receptive and expressive language skills improve.  Yeah----  you and your wife are doing a great job!  Take care!
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My son does this. He lines his car up in neat rows. He also has good eye contact, had a speech delay but is doing much better with speech therapy, and is very affectionate and bright. I do not believe my son has autism just because of a speech delay or being neat and lining his cars up. I think you'd have to see more symptoms than that. Hope that helps!
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