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Loss of air

My nephew will be 1 year old in May. He has been recently been having problems with breathing. He will all the suddent expell his air out and then not breath back in. He also turns blue and then gets really pale.  After he starts breathing he becomes very dioriented.

They have taken him to the doctor's but they do not seem to know what's wrong. I was curious as to what your opionion might be.

Thank you.
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I cannot comment on the possibilities, but strongly suggest following up on this aggressively. If obtaining a second opinion is in order, his parents should demand this.
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I think I saw some comments along these lines in the neurology section.... specifically either an epilepsy discussion or vagal (sp?) nerve/response bit.  It may help give you some direction to research.
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When my son was around 2 he would through tantrums and hold his breath till he turned blue and pass out.  At first this scarred me but then when I asked his DR about it he said to ingore it and he would stop.  So I did and he stoped soon after.
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hi my daughter started this when she was about 10mo old they soumd like breath holding spells which can lead to seizures.  i owuld recommend a eeg to make shure they are not and alsoa ekg and maybe echo just to rule out irregulare heart rythem which can be treated succesfully with meds.  good news is if it is breath olding spells he will out grow them by the age of about 4.

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