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Medicating a 4yr old for Anxiety disorder, ocd, adhd

I have a 4.5 yr old son whom was diagnosed about 6 months ago with ADHD, and in last 3 months wiht OCD, and Generalized Anxiety Disorder.  He has been seeing several medical professionals weekly for 6 months.  He had terrible reactions to stimulant ADHD meds, thus bringing out the worsening OCD and anxiety issues.  He has been doing OT, behavioral cognitive therapy, etc with minimal change in behavior.  A few weeks ago he was started on Prozac and has since been taken off due to increased agression, agitation, restlessness, etc.  They want to start him on another similar medication (works in the same way)...zoloft, or paxil.  I am concrned that he is going to have a similar reaction and we'll be in the same boat.  Don't want him to be a guinee pig.  We are still doing weekly psych therapy as well.  Any thoughts or ideas?  P.S..the prozac did help his ocd and anxiety symptoms.
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My son has Asperger (mild), but we were told that in the future he may need an antidepressant for his anxiety. And that giving him a stmulant ADHD would not be a good idea.

I would suggest you give it a try with another antidepressant. You may want a 2nd opnion to choose the antidepressant.
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How about natural supplements instead, this idea of giving these powerful drugs seems very wrong , could you not try a natural approach...What about anti oxidants Vit C and B complex plus fish oil I read a report a while back that they work for ADD May I ask what his behavior was like that at 4 year old they prescribed so much and especially prozac..Have you done some resreach to find out the side effects on your child ? not easy I know .
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I'm concerned that he's been diagnosed very young,  and with diagnoses that apparently disagree with each other.

For example,  generalized anxiety disorder is the opposite of ADHD.  

Does he have a history of being in an environment that would cause extreme behavior (for example,  being adopted from an orphanage or formerly being in foster care, or being born drug addicted).

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I also agree that he is quite young for such experimenting with medication.  They do now diagnose add/adhd earlier than the previous earliest age of 6.  However, many things mimic add/adhd in those early years.  Toddlers don't have the greatest impulse control or make safe decisions with NOTHING going on.  Now you are obviously experiencing exreme symptoms with him for the doctors to diagnose these issues but am wondering if he'll handle something like an antidepressent down the road better.  Or if he does turn out to have add/adhd that you are able to make medication decisions for him down the road.

I've not had luck with this myself, but some kids do have food reactions that cause behavior issues.  It is worth looking into this. They do a program of withdrawing certain foods to see if it changes anything.  

My son has sensory integration disorder and occupational therapy and behavioral therapy really worked to help him manage it.  

It takes time to find the right treatment but keep at it.  lots of luck to you
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Thanks for input.  Nothing traumatic or abnormal has happened in his life...biological child of mine and my husband, loving, stable family and home life.  However, does have a family history on fathers side of Bipolar, anxiety, depression, etc, and on my side of fam, anxiety and depression.  Initally at age 3 the preschool suggested we monitor his behaviors at home and keep pediatrician updated on inability to focus, tantrums, sensory issues, etc.  By age 4 these symptoms had taken over and made him miserable.  We've since seen several med. professionals, including: pediatrician, psychologist, liscensed counselors, psychiatrist, ocuupational therapist, etc (so don;t feel like diagnoses were made without much input and hours of evaluations).  No change in behaviors.  The anxiety and ocd behaviors were mild an undiagnosed prior to adhd diagnosis, however when med was introduced, it had a reverse effect and triggered the other underlying issues.  OT, and weekly behavior cognitive therapy have made some changed, but not significant.  Anxiety and ocd so out of control that he can not play or retain anything at pre K,  Big urge for change in behaviors is both for him to feel free of the things troubling him and so he has an easier time participating and succeeding at kindergarten in the fall.  We have not tried natural remedies or serious diet changes as much change causes more anxiety, but worth looking into. Also, to  (RockRose)Not sure how adhd and anxiety "disagree" with each other,  Maybe I am not sure what you mean. i  just don't think that it is too common to have both diagnosis so early.  Just because someone is extremely hyper and has difficulty focusing, doesn;t mean that they cannot have anxiety.
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Also, he was only on ADHD med for 3 days and on prozac for 3 weeks.  
both at half of the lowest dose they make.  Just frustrating not to know the right thing to do.
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Some of the behaviors he was/is experienceing are handwashing (sometimes 50 times a day), repeating himself numerous times over same comment or discussion, praying for God to forgive him (30 to 70 times a day) Prayers for forgivness for strange things...such as saying the word "stranger" or "horse"..even more strange as we are Christians and do attend church (not always regularly even), we have never actively prayed for or with him for such things. Obsessing about his lips being chapped...so much so that he didn't play anything or with anyone for an entire day at school because of the fear of his lips cracking open b/c of being a little chapped...this has never happened to him either.  He worries so much about so many things that he doesnt have time to play and isnt able to retain new info at school...so with therapy continuing and several psych professionals advice, we intiated prozac. but were not impresssed with results, nor were the drs.
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also, extreme inablity to focus and constantly jumping from one activity to the next, ect. He has been tested for PDD and was not diagnosed and sensory impairment disorder has been mentioned but no official diagnosis for that.
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You have this very young child stuffed with sophisticated medications, the long-term effects of which are unknown in someone his age. You already know how serious the side effects are. Whatever his ailment is, I would consider the medications to be worse. Find a doctor who offers more appropriate treatments for your little son.
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You say, "The anxiety and ocd behaviors were mild and undiagnosed prior to adhd diagnosis, however when med was introduced, it had a reverse effect and triggered the other underlying issues."

Could the medication have caused anxiety and ocd? If they had not been  diagnosed perhaps they did not exist, or if mild, were not debilitating.
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