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Methylmalonic Academia

My daughter is 6 years old, she has been diagnose with mma, and her difficulties are her motor skills, in ways such as writing her name on her own as well as her school work, she cannot recognise her colors, letters, numbers, some shapes, even her name, but on the other hand, her memory is excellent she remembers all her school work, e,g, poems, songs, recitals, people, names, places, and her spelling is great, she remembers how to spell her words after about 1 episode of teaching.Can you tell me how do i deal with this situation since she needs to know how to write her work. I am very worried about this situation, is this a result of her condition?
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You really need to get some help regarding this ask the Doc who diagnosed her where you can go to get further support how you deal with the issue so you can help your Daughter, she sounds pretty great and needs some teaching with the skills she has.
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