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Might my child suffer from Aspbergers Syndrome

I have a 6 year old son that has been diagnosed with a number of behavioral disorders.  The first psychologist felt he was likely ODD.  We weren't satisfied with these results or some other conclusions he came to.  We then had him tested by another doctor and she referred us to a children's neuro-psychological clinic for more testing.  They basically didn't offer any good constructive answers either.  He might be ADD or ADHD or ODD but they couldn't tell.  The eval was done by a clinical student and the doctor just based their diagnosis on observations made by others.

Anyhow, he is an emotional roller coaster.  He gets very angry at seemingly insignificant things that would never bother others.  He can become violent easily.  He can also be very kind and caring.  He cannot handle groups of 3-4 or more without difficulty getting along.  He doesn't grasp social cues regarding what is appropriate behavior or not in given situations.  He can be very happy or excited one moment and in a split second, something didn't sit well and he totally withdraws into himself.  He has good fine motor skills and as met all the normal "milestones" during his growth.  He basically is very good if alone and no one dares to enter his "space".  We have him enrolled in a ECFE structured preschool program and he will be attending kindergarten next fall.  We are not sure where to turn next but want to try to better prepare him for "mainsteam" school.  Medication has been discussed but never actually recommended.  We just need to know which way to turn next.

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Such instability in a young child can be a challenge when it comes to pinpointing a particular diagnosis. The aggressive behavior, while not out of the question in a child with Asperger's, does not typify Asperger children. The nature and circumstamnces of the angry/aggressive behavior would determine the appropriateness of the O.D.D. diagnosis. In any case, when it comes to medication, the key is to focus on the targets of the medication. It's the symptoms, not the diagnosis, that are the focus of the medication. Since you've had some input already, including a very helpful type of testing, it would make sense to schedule an evaluation with a child psychiatrist. Be sure to share the results of the previous evaluations. Part of your discussion can focus on possible pharmacological interventions.
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For a moment I thought you were speaking of my son. He is now 7 and has been a handful for most of his life. He has been on med's for 3 and a half years now. We also have not been able to be given one diagnosis. He has ADHD with generalized anxiety accompanied with much anger and aggresstion. And now is showing firm signs of OCD. You never know what to expect from him one day is good the next is really bad. We also went and had him tested, this did tell us alot, he has some learning disabilities and laungage delays on top of all the rest. (Like that wasn't enough.) I myself am begining to question if someone hasn't missed something. I can tell you the public school system has been very helpful. But the large classroom sizes do not work well at all for him. He also does not play well with groups of 3 or more. Although even number groups are better. I have found the hardest thing to be that the other children don't like to be around him, because they can't understand his behavior. I'm sure you have learned as we have to take one day at a time. The sad thing is, as hard as it is on us to try to try to understand and deal with this, it's that much harder on them. I wish you the best of luck..
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This sounds exactly like my son, too.  We've been going to the Dr. and have been riding on the roller coaster of medication for several years now.  He will be 8 in Sept.  We started out with a diagnosis of ADHD and he was on Concerta.  That didn't work so they went to Adderal and Guanfacine.  That helped for a while, but then the guanfacine started making him so tired that he was grumpy all the time.  After that we kept the Adderal (it really helped him to focus and not to be so hyper) and went with Wellbutrin.  We then went to a child neurologist with fears of Tourets (sp), but we were told he did not have that.  He went with ADHD and comorbid depression or OCD.  He went on Risperdal then, but it did no good at all.  We tried Imiprimine and Paxil, but he was so hyper he literally could not stay still.  The Paxil did, however, take care of the agression, defiance, and depression.  So now the Dr. wants to try the SSRI's until we find the one that does not come with such horrible hyperactivity (Zoloft is the current one, though he hasn't taken it yet).  Could we be on the wrong road here?  What is Aspbergers?  I feel so guilty for keeping him on all these medications and I am VERY afraid of giving him the habit forming SSRI's.  I've read horror stories of people trying to come off of them and ending up taking them for the rest of their lives because their bodies can't do without.  We've been at this so long with results that are not consistant or constant and I don't know if we are taking the right steps.  Sorry for the length!
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Does your son take more that 1 medication at a time?? My son is currently taking 3 different med's in the morning and at night he takes Risperdal again so he can go to sleep. He take Metidate CD, Paxil CR with the 3rd being the Risperdal. This combination has worked well for him. Except the risperdal has caused him the gain a lot of weight. We went from having a little boy who was so under weight( at 5 1/2 he weighed 34 lbs) to a 7 year old that is quickly moving into a size 12 at 84 lbs.  He is out growing his 9 year old brother at this point. I have heard very good things with the new non-stimilant from Lilly (Strattera). We will be making the change for him to this but, we have to make the change to whatever will be taking the place of the Risperdal first. I have recently found a very informative book as well called The ADHD Autism Connection. It has helped me to better understand him and his behaviors. THis book was written by a mother of children with verious degrees of ADHD. Sorry so long.
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I don't hear anyone talking about clonidine for a med. this is a good med less side effects BUT for young kids they prescribe half a tablet to start. START at a QUARTER pill. Book I have on meds for ADD,ADHD, TOURETTES, etc recommends  and I know cause we had scare with half tablet to start. Too strong for young kids to start. Works well but takes about 2 weeks to see more of a reault and no tic side effect.
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My nine year old son has had a problem with behavior since first grade. He has an IQ of 150 plus. At the end of third grade we sought help from a child psychiatrist and he was diagnosed with ADHD and depression. He would get very angry at any little thing that would go wrong. Here we are seven months later and still struggling with social behavior. He has been on Wellbutrin and we just introduced Strattera last week. Our doctor has hinted at Aspbergers but he seems way too high socially, but after reading this web site I'm not so sure anymore? I work with Special Ed kids and are around Aspbergers kids a lot, my son has some components but not all. Does anyone else think they are on the cusp?
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My son is ten years old and we have been struggling with his behavior since first grade. We sought help at the end of third grade and he was diagnosed with ADHD. He has been taking Wellbutrin and we just introduced Strattera. Our psych doctor at our last meeting when I had a total break down as his behavior wasn't getting any better, i.e. arguing with me, deliberatley picking at me, anger and of course the "social delays", mentioned Aspbergers. I work for Specail Ed and have worked with Aspbergers kids, my son seem way too high functioning, although he has a lot of the traits, but socially seems higher. I feel he may be on the cusp, does anyone else feel this way?
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