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Misbehaving - age 5

My son is 5yrs of age.  He is extremely funny and smart. However, in the last few months he  is using words such as I hate you, fat face, fat bum - he says to his brother - I'll punch you in the face (he never has though) and like other people's questions I have read he also does not seem to care about things such as time out, a small smack on the bum or taking away of toys...he laughs when I am telling him off.  He does sit in his time out calmly but the minute he comes out he sometimes starts his attitude right back up.  I don;t have a certain reason he could be acting like this - could it just be the Summer months and not having a proper schedule - no moving house, no new baby...He acts like a tough guy but he is very sensitive - he gets upset easily if he thinks anyone is making fun of him or if he falls down and hurts himself he looses it (though he is getting a bit better with the latter).  He is good at school - he has friends and his teachers love him to bits. Anyway, enough talking for now - I just wanted to see what you thought.  Is this something that just passes and then if so what is the best way to punish if continues for a while...

Thank you.
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Is his Brother older than him? The Fat face, Fat Bum talk could he be copying that possibly from an older child or relative or a baby sitter,?it is very often stuff they hear.Time out is the best thing and if he repats the behavior put him back in time out till he stops, As there is no problem at school this is telling you the Problem is at home,dont feed into his acting out maybe he does it to get attention, Give him a lot of activities and sports to do get his dad involved.
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