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Mood disorders , anxiety, rad and others

I am taking care of a 2 year old whom i have come to love as if i have givin birth -- recently the child was diagnosed with RAD ( reactive attatchment disorder)-- anxiety disorder and possibly others ( doc still working with us)  I have been doing all i can to learn about this but am only finding thing on how to handle kids who are age 10 or older......also-- recently the growling is becomming more viciouse when the child is angry and has put her hand around my husbands neck and tried to choke him....  Can any one give me advice and please don't tell me to send her back to the state, I love her with all my heart and soul and want to help, she is in counceling now but I need advice on where to find more info on toddlers with these disorders and how to work with them... This is still very new to us...
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Reactive Attachment Disorder is a very serious condition because it indicates that a child has never formed secure attachments (during the firsy couple of years of life), and this prevents normal relationships from developing. Children who display RAD tend to be angry, hostile and mistrustful, keeping an emotional distance in relationships. They require a systematic program of behavior management and highly structured, routinized environments both at home and in school. The behavior management piece is straightforward. Take a look at Lynn Clark's book SOS Help for Parents and follow his guidelines (which are designed for use with children in general). You are in it 'for the long haul', as they say. It is commonly believed that children who display RAD will likely never achieve fully trusting, reciprocal relationships - they have been deprived of the necessary emotional underpinnings for such relationships because of inadequate early parenting.
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