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My 10 years old boy strange behavior

My 10 years old boy, he is late admitted to the school.
He like to play alone and always try to pinch other boys and disturbs other kids playing time.
Some times take their ball and bats and ran away.
He always like that others will busy with him and concentrate to his behave..

At the morning time he is with angry and selective about his foods.

What he like to do he like and never listen to us and some times he is a nice boy, if listen always listen.
He is good in study and most of time if he is in good mood, finish his home works very quickly, so far he got sharp memory.

In the class room, he always make finish his study quickly but after that he like to ran arround and pinching other his friends.

He only like to play computer game and certainly one or two game he like to play frequently.

He has an elder brother, but with him good relation like friendly and share so many things like a good friend.

I don't know how to manage him,
Please give me some advise.

thank you
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It sounds like the major need is improvement in social skills. Ask at school if there is a social skills group or social problem-solving group he can join. If not, check in the area and see if a local child guidance clinic or similar organization might be useful.
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