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My 11 yr. son is seeing people & hearing voices

My son is 11 years old.  He has always been hyper, on the go, gets frustrated very easily, difficult to re-direct, can't focus, teachers complaining wanting me to get him on medicine, etc.  He also has been a very sensitive child, very kind, loving, babies and little kids are drawn to him, he loves animals, dogs especially.  He would be the first of my 3 sons, to pick me a flower on his walk home from school, draw me a picture, wants to spend time with me a lot.  He has coasted through school thus far, usually C-D student, tho I know he's capable of better.  Has only a few friends.  Doesn't like school, but has never had any disciplinary actions until recently.  
Over the past month his grades have dropped even more, he is not the same kid, he has become angry, violent, he's lying to us all the time.  About 2 weeks ago he got into his first fight at school, he is in 5th grade at our local school's middle school.  He was in an altercation with another boy at school, got ISS for that, but kept refusing that he had started the fight even tho 3 other kids stepped up and stated they witnessed him start the fight.  Then, 1 week ago, he got into another altercation with another boy at school, then later that same day he proceeded to yell at a teacher, he was put into ISS again, then his day back to regular classes he got into a altercation with a female student, grabbing her by the arm and pushing her to the wall.  His father and I have no idea where any of this is coming from.
No recent changes in family, no moves, deaths, losses of any kind, other than losing tv, x-box, computer privileges etc, for being in trouble at school and his inappropriate behavior.  He has also started becoming violent with his brothers.  He has an older brother 13, and a younger one 9.  He got angry with his brother when they were playing outside the other day and he picked up a rock the size of a softball and threw it at his brother and hit him in the shin causing a large bruise!  This is totally not my son.  It's like he's a different person all of a sudden.
He has never been on any medication for behavior.
He has been saying he wants to kill himself when he gets into trouble for fighting at school & home.
He has had asthma since he was 2.  Allergies to bee stings, gets hives alot, had scarlet fever several times as a toddler.  He is on Albuterol PRN, he uses hand held puffer and breathing tx's if it gets to bad.  He wheezes alot, sniffles, coughs, no allergies to meds or foods that we know of yet.  He had a urethral valve removed by a Ped. urologist about 6 months ago, PVR and sono's show some residual still so he is on Septra-SS x1 QD, and Pyridium 100mg BID.  He takes nasonex Q HS, and often needs Benadryl for allergies & hives.  He has very bad eye sight in one eye, required patch for a summer when he was 5.
We attempted to take him to the ER for behavior eval twice last wk. only to get sent home, they didn't feel he was a big enough threat to anyone yet.  He proceeded to continue with the death threats, he started scratching himself, large 3, 4 inch scratches with his finger nails down his forearms, face.  He started punching himself on the side of the head.  He also started a week ago to say he is hearing a girl's voice whisper to him.  He says she tells him to do bad things to himself and to hurt other people.  He used to be very patient with people, never violent, now he gets angry all the time and is doing nothing but be violent to schoolmates and his siblings.  We took him to ER again at the local hosp. that has a PEDS unit for behavioral problems and they finally admitted him.  The kept him on all the meds he was currently taking and started Celexa 20 mg Q HS and Zyprexa 5 mg PRN for aggitation.  He has been in the unit for 24 hrs. now.  He has not needed the zyprexa yet.  We visited him this eve. and he told us that he is still hearing the girl, he says she sounds like she's his age and she whispers into his ear and tells him to do bad things.  Last eve. she told him to push his room mate out of the bed so he'd fall onto the floor.  Then he saw a boy who was in a shadow, dark and not clear but he could see the face was smiling and he had his index finger up to his lips saying "shhh", then he vanished.  He is seeing shadows on the walls and in windows.  He says the voices come to him when he is in a quiet setting, like a bathroom, when he's in bed, even when he's in class at school when it's quiet and the kids are all working on assignments.  He says he is scared and he wants them to go away.  He tells them to stop and to go away but they do not.  He also says he is hearing music in his head that sounds like the music from an ice cream truck.  I haven't gotten to talk to any Dr.'s at the hosp. only nurses, no dx yet.  
I apologize for the long question but we are very worried and scared and want to get help for our son and don't know if this is real, or if he's seeking attention, but he really doesn't seem to be lying.  When he lies we can usually tell and he seems to be telling the truth.  
Any ideas on dx, help please!!
Urine, THC, BMP, CBC all neg.
He also still wets the bed but we figured it was from his bladder issues.
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   Up until he was admitted to ER, I would say he was showing all the signs of ADHD.  You need to get a psychologist involved, not an emergency room doctor.  I also can't believe he has been in the hospital for over 24 hours and you have only talked to nurses.  If I were an 11 year old in a hospital I would be scared to death.  I hope you guys are there with him around the clock.  Find a good pediatric psyc and get them involved.
   You also need to be talking to his school about special ed.  It will protect him.
The fact that he has, " coasted through school thus far, usually C-D student, tho I know he's capable of better.  Has only a few friends."  are to me very strong ADHD signs.  You might also see if the school counselors can give you any suggestions of professionals to turn to.  That is also the first question you want to ask any doctor you finally get to talk to.
   By the way, even if he is lying - he is doing it for self preservation.  This is a cry for help not attention.  Get him the help!!
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