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My 17month old do not respond to his name and voice

Hi, I am a father of 17 month old and our baby is good in all aspects except that he mostly does not react to his name, voice commands and does not understand what we talk or tell him...we checked his ears and did an audiological test and everything seems to be good...he has good memory power and can identify mom,dad,granny on photos....can remember things, happy and cheerful..he can react to sounds but not to his name,our voices and any language... we are very worried...please share your experience and please post your comments..Thanks in advance
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Could you be clearer?  If he can identify grandma in photos,  he's responding to you saying "point to grandma".  You say he does not understand what you tell him - maybe I'm missing something - how do you know he can point to grandma if he can't understand that request?
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Does he snore at night?  Have you had his adenoids and tonsils checked.  Does he get a lot of Upper Respiratory Infections?  My son had his adenoids removed as they were obstructing his hearing.  He could hear things but they sounded like they were underwater (as described the the Ear Nose Throat Specialist)?
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So do you mean he doesnt respond if you speak to him, I would say thats hearing .yet he responds to other sounds?.
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sounds like he needs an evaluation from a speech and language pathologist. He may have some form of auditory processing problems.
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Thanks tiredbuthappy...we did an advanced auditory test called the BAER last year and per the result, he has profound hearing loss and he underwent and he underwent cochlear implant surgery last year and his language skills are improving..
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Thanks for keeping us up to date.  Glad to hear he ia getting better!
Dear Friends, life has changed, Bhargav has improved in life by all means by God`s Grace !! He is a bi-lateral cochlear implant receipt ! Thanks to the good Lord for all his mercy ! God bless !!
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