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My 20 month development

Is my son special?  He is 20 months and can do the following:
1) Know is Alphabet and knows what each letter stands for, knows most of his colors, identify 10 or more animals and know his shapes
2) Identify family members by their names
3) Sing nursery rhymes - can spell BINGO, sing ba ba black sheep etc...
4) talk in complete sentense. He would ask questions such as "Where is daddy?" "I will throw away the vaccume", "I will beat mommy and grandpa"  
6) He would as for snacks, cookies, milk, crackers, chicken, cheese, fruits etc
7) He know about 12 or more body parts
8) He loves his books and would care less for TV
9) He knows the name of most of the TV shows on treehouse
10) His can says lots of words, my favorite is Bocconcini.

I start reading for him when he was 3 months old and am reading for him every night when I get home from work.  He would remind me to read for him and would ask for his tooth brush before he goes to bed.

I guess reading for your child at an early age does have its advantages.

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