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My 3 1/2 year old has intense fears

My 3.5 year old son has several fears that really impact him and us as his parents. He is afraid of loud noises such as fireworks even if they are at a great distance. He will hold his hands over his head and not look up. He is afraid of fire in a fireplace or at a hibachi grill to the point where he will hide under the table covering his ears. He doesn't seem to like the feeling of heat on his face. He is also afraid of loud noises such as fire alrams, etc.

He also has an instense fear of getting his haircut. It doesn't matter if we have a movie playing, give him candy, etc., he panics, covers his ears, and cries intensely. He had the same reaction when we took him to the pediatric dentist for the first time. They were unable to clean his teeth and barely were able to look in his mouth. He basically darted out of the chair as soon as they took him back. My wife had to go back and try to help calm him down but that didn't help. They could not even get an xray of his mouth. He also has a fear of the doctor but it isn't as intense as the other fears. He is not developmentally delayed and is a happy child but the fears are pretty intense. Is this normal and will he grow out of it?
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Yes its normal and he will grow out of it, a lot of the issues you mention here I have seen in my own and other children certainly some children do not like loud noises, and I know most young children do not like getting their hair cut by strangers , xrays are scary ...walk in his shoes, see how he may feel at 3year old  with all these strangers and strange happenings. I think you will find once he gets used to itand gets older it will lessen ..Good Luck
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