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My 5yr old son is A whiner. need help!!

My 5 year old son Mason just started kinder garden and was doing great until this week. Mason and his older brother ride the bus home in the afternoon. everyday this week Mason has gotten off the bus screaming and crying. loud enough so people a half a mile away can hear him. he gets upset because they wont let him sit with his brother because they fight (like all brothers do). Mason is very sensitive or "tender hearted" as i call it. if anyone yells at him or does something he doesn't like he screams and cries. I have asked my husband to spend more time with him maybe some "man" time would help. but hes to busy ignoring us for computer games. my father in law lives with us and is close with mason the only problem is he is more of a girl than i am. he also cries and has a fit when he dont get his way. basically hes a big *****. lol.... At home i am the only one who cares for the children. my husband works but as soon as he gets home hes like a zombie. most the time i dont think he even knows we are here. I just dont know what to do to help Mason. I dont want him to get picked on by the kids on the bus or in his class. I have 3 kids, a husband and a 65 yr old baby to take care of and im really stressed and any advise would be great!
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My question would be what event occurred this week which triggered such a behavior?  Is his crying as a result of not getting his way or is he experiencing emotional hurt or physical pain?  Also, has the bus driver reprimanded both of your sons for fighting?  Finally, do you discipline your son for this behavior?  If your son is crying out in manipulation primarily because he does not get what he wants, this behavior warrants discipline.
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He is crying because he cant sit with his brother. My boys were not disciplined for fighting because the bus driver said its what brothers do. he wont allow them to sit together any more. When mason is acting this way i will ask him why he is upset and if its for not getting his way i tell him that its no reason to cry and have a fit. if he keeps doing it he will get a time out.
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