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My 6 year old son is delusional about Santa Claus

My 6 year old son is delusional about Santa Claus. My husband and I have been divorced for a few years now but my son still visits with him on a regular basis. We try to keep things healthy and happy and as normal as possible for him despite the divorce. Last night my son spent the night at his fathers house for Christmas eve. When I went to pick up my son this morning he was rambling about visiting the north pole with his father, seeing elves, delivering presents and other strange things. He believes his father is the real Santa Claus. My son says the real Santa fell off the roof and now his dad is Santa. He talks about flying with reindeer and riding in a sleigh and other really weird things. My son won't stop talking about it. I feel like I should tell him Santa isn't real so he will stop all this nonsense. What do I do help
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Ummm, your son is just repeating the story in the movie “The Santa Clause”... he didn’t make it all up on his own. I’m sure this is normal for a kid to fantasize about being/living in the movie that they just watched.
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Your son's been through the trauma of a divorce.  He's also being old that Santa and his reindeer visit all the homes on a sleigh being pulled by reindeer in the sky who visit all the homes in the world.

Let it go.  Let it go for this  year.  He's believing what he's been told.
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sounds like he watched the movie with Tim Allen in it.  almost to the T.  
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Do not worry...your son saw the movie The Santa Claus with Tim Allen. Great movie for kids!! Watch it and see for yourself. It is literally a movie about a kid's parents divorcing, and one night the sun is having to stay over with his dad and Santa Claus dies after he falls off the roof and his father turns into Santa Claus in the kid goes to the North Pole and sees all the Elves and the reindeer Etc. So don't worry it's just a movie! You guys should watch it together!
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