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My 6 yr old son licks his fingers

My son just started licking his fingers constantly.  It appears to be some kind of habit.  It has been thought by his pediatrician that he has OCD.  However, we have not taken him to a specialist yet on the OCD behavior.  After we asked our son about his finger licking, he said that he couldn't stop.  He has suffered from two seizures in the past two years that were 15 months apart and hasn't suffered from one since April 2012.  He has had a CT Scan and a EEG.  The EEG showed extra activity on one side of his brain.  The Neurologist said that it indicates seizure possiblilities.  His behavior has seemed to change since the last seizure.  We can't figure it out.  Any ideas of things we should do from here.

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I have a son that had an EEG at 5 1/2 years old, we where told he had extra activity on the left frontal lobe and he was diagnosed with epilepsy. We had him on different seizure meds and none really ever seemed to help control his movements. We had him do a three day EEG about a mo ago because his head wouldn't stop twitching. The EEG showed no abnormal activity and he was diagnosed with Tourettes because of other tics that have happened in the past.I also have a daughter that has had odd things happening since she was a baby. After I was told my son has tourettes I told the neuro some things my daughter does(one thing is, she licks the back of her hands and rubs the spit on her eyes) and he wanted me to make an appt so he could see her. He watched videos of tics I have recorded and talked with me about her behaviors, he let me know that she has Tourettes, OCD, and ADHD. With both  my kids the tics come and go and change.
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Thank you for your post! It's good to have a discussion with someone who's been there. My son is now on his second week of Trileptal for the seisures.  We met a young lifeguard at a waterpark who shared his story with us. He indicated that he was put on Trileptal for mood control and Concerta for his ADHD symptoms.  He told us that the two meds work well together. This gave us hope just knowing that someone has had the same experiences and succeeded.  Good luck and i hope all goes well with your children. Keep me posted on your findings and I will as well. Thanks again.
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I HAVE A FRIEND THAT has ocd! I know him for 3 yrs. i noticed 3 thing about him! when i see him he licks his fingers an rub his hands togather so what do I for that person?
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