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My 6yr old daughter hides poo around the house. Why? Please help

My 6yr old daughter hides poo in the house. Firstly i don't understand why secondly  if she is pooing her knickers or actually pulling it out of her bottom but i then do not understand why she doesn't dispose of it in the toilet. She denied it was her as she has 2 other siblings but i eventually got her to tell the truth and some what explain it to me. She said that the put her hand in her knickers and felt the poo was there but she never knew she needed to go poo. Once she felt it by hand she hid it in her little brothers room (he is 4) then removed it and hid it in her room until her elder sister who she shares a room with today came home after a ciuole of nights away and smelt it then found it. Im lost and confused this has happend twice now. Also she always has dirty knickers after poo's to the point it looks like she's going in them. She's wet herself recently which is unusual and also was desperate for the loo no more than 5 mins after her accident. Im confused please help xxx
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It sounds like she may have encopresis,  which is involuntary soiling.  Does she have a history of constipation and picky eating?
She eats extremely well better than my 9 and 4 yr old. And no constipation either im so confused x
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Encopresis could explain the problem.  Here is a good link on that.   http://www.dulwichcentre.com.au/beating-sneaky-poo-1.pdf
Ill have a look. Thank you x
Any chance this has been going on only since school started?
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