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My 7 year old son is having major problems focusing

My 7 year old son is having problems focusing in class.  He gets a healthy breakfast every morning and a good night sleep every night.  He just can't seem to block out his class mates and get his work done in a timely manner.  He is slow to start his projects and often does not complete them.  He also seems to block out much of what I ask and tell him to do when he is at home.  If I am speaking to him about video games or cartoons, he hears me clearly but everything else, I have to ask him 5 or more times in some cases. Our daily morning routine is always a struggle.  I have to remind him to do everything from brush his teeth to clean up after his breakfast dishes.  My husband and I have restricted his video gaming and television to weekends only and after chores.  This was done in order to teach him that he needs to focus on his responsibilities (ie, homework, chores, reading, etc).  On a recent Friday after school...he was so excited about being able to play video games while out with my husband that we waited too long to use the restroom and ended up peeing on himself at the Barber Shop and proceeded to cry about it like a baby.  I am sure that his tears were from embarrassment but he often cries after minor "boo boos".  

Because of his lack of focus, his grades are not where they should be.  We constantly work with him at home and also have arranged for a reading tutor a couple days after school.  I need to know if we should have him tested to find out if he has a learning disability and also how to help him mature and "man up" like other boys his age.  Please help!!
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I am almost surprised that given your description of his problems in class, that his teacher hasn't suggested testing (hopefully, he is not in a private school). Of course, if he has something like ADD (not ADHD), it is much harder to notice.   Yes, you need to find out what is going on.  When you know what the problem is then you can start finding ways to solve the problem.  Probably a good way to start is to go to this link - http://www.medhelp.org/medical-information/show/2157/Attention-deficit-hyperactivity-disorder-ADHD?page=1#sec_3761
  The problem is that this link focus a lot on ADHD.  To get a good picture of the whole area, I would suggest buying this book,  "The ADD/ ADHD Answer book," by Susan Ashley.
   You can go through a school for testing or find a child specialist.  I would probably go the pediatric psychiatrist route.
    Finally, the only way I know to help a 7 year old mature is to give them time.  His tears could come from frustration of his condition.  Deal with the condition and the tears will slow down or stop.  I should add that crying is also a learned response.  If he has always done it, then you cannot expect him stop overnight.  If it is something that as started recently, than that is all the more reason to find out what is going on.  Good Luck!
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I would find out from teh classroom teacher what they think is going on and talk to them about it.  He may not be ignoring you on purpose, assume he is not.  I would get the school do some testing or if you can, take him to professional on the outside of school.
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