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My 7yr old daughter is got twice playin sexually with same child

My daughter was caught with a 4 yr old rubbing on moanin in a sexual way i sent the lil girl home called her parents and informed them of what had happened then i dealt with my child asked  her why was she doin that and were did she learn that from .The next day the same child and her were at church at an after school program and it happened again i just dont know how to react or how to deal with this please any advice please!
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a 7 year old should be able to obey just because her conscience should be sully formed at this age- the 4 year old's is not--

So you tell your daughter this is not allowed and she should obey you the same as she would refrain from stealing, slapping a friend when she is angry... Teach her just because things feel good does not mean they are acceptable. I would approach it using something close to the same analogy or similar- we want more money today so we can go buy a new car- well, I'll just take money from the neighbors- they have extra- but she will remind you it's not yours- but YOU WANT IT- you tell her- she needs to be taught that just because we desire something doesn't make it correct to get it thru any means possible......

the bottom line is she is stealing this little girl's innocence- the rubbing could go further to penetration next-  you have to get it thru her mind it is NOT acceptable as other rules are to obeyed without question...... this is one of those rules.Be prepared to kep them separate til your daughter can obey you.
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Why is a 4 year old at a church for an  after school program,  and left unsupervised with a 7 year old?  
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Yeah that was my question to especially when the grandmother told me she wasnt goin and i work so they are daycare for me and the little 4 yr olds sister goes there as while and those kids have seen some things that i've protected my child from that ive come to find out since this has happened i just have never dealt with any thing like this it was crazy
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