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My 8 year old daughter learnt about menstruations from her senior (9 year old)

My 8 year old daughter learnt about menstruations from her senior (9 year old)  who just got her first period a few days ago.My daughter told me what her friend told me about her experience when she got her period in school.today my daughter was trying to use a dry tisse paper folded like a sanitary pad ( as shown by her friend kept in her bag for precaution).she was hiding it from me but I found out she was trying to explore how to use it.what should I do so that she doesn't get more curious about getting more information from that school bus friend
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I would suggest giving her the information from a trusted source, so that she does not have to get it off the streets (so to speak).  There are books written for girls of her age that answer a lot of questions.  The link below is for one that is highly recommended.  And several more are given on the same page.  I hope this will help.
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She is going to keep getting information. Is there a reason why you don't want her to get information from her? I would say keep open dialogue between your daughter and you. Ask her what her friends shared with her every day. Then if you are fine with what she learned, cool. If not, gently correct it. As long as she knows that you know better, she will listen to you, ultimately.
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