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My 8 year old pees her pants during the day

My 8 year old daughter frequently wets herself because she does not want to stop what she is doing to go to the bathroom.  She has done it at school, at home, at friends homes, pretty much anywhere she is.  It does not happen all the time.  When my wife and I question her she says she just couldn't hold it.  Any suggestions?
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First I would have a medical examination just to rule out any problems.  

is she dry at night?
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Yes, she is dry at night.  She has never had a bed wetting problem.
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Does this happen every day or once in awhile?  If it is just once in awhile I wouldn't worry.  Kids get busy and don't want to leave their play.
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I agree that if this is occuring infrequently, don't worry.  Its not uncommon for kids to not want to stop an activity to use the toilet.  However, if it has started to happen often she should be seen by her doctor to rule out any physical problems. Best wishes...
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I agree - take her to the doctor to rule out a medical condition that could be causing this situation.  In addition, I don't think it is normal for an 8 year old to be peeing on themselves in the situations you've described as they generally get very embarrassed and teased by the other children - which is not a positive social experience.  Is your daughter feeling embarrassed?  

I would always send her out with a change of clothes in her backpack and a sweater just incase she has an accident.  I have seen this before with a child of her age, and she had a medical condition and was unable to hold her bladder or sense the urgency in her bladder.  This little girl was extremely embarrassed and this was a big issue for her.  We made a schedule for her to use the bathroom.  She went to the bathroom before meals and after meals, and once per hour - even if she didn't have to go, we made it a habbit for her to go to the bathroom.  This helped reduce the number of accidents.
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My 8 year old daughter ALWAYS has wet pants, day and night.  Pediatrician says she has Irritable Bowel Syndrome which causes her to become extremely constipated.  This "compacted bowel" presses on her bladder, forcing small amounts of urine to be squeezed out throughout the day.  Over the course of a day it amounts to quite a bit.  I now give her miralax every day after school.  If she gets too loose, I give her less.  I've decreased her dairy intake & given her a calcium supplement because dairy seems to worsen the constipation.  I can foresee bad days when she awakens with a tummyache and can't have a B.M.   I admit that she, too is so accustomed to wet pullups that she has no motivation to change out of them.  She also sleeps so hard that she wets almost nightly.  Pediatrician has me wake her up a little bit before I go to bed so as to send her potty and to pull her back from this deep sleep.
I wish you the best as I know how humiliating it is for not only your child, but for you the parent.  Other adults just don't understand why any child of 8 would have wet pants and can be rather unkind about it.
I hope this offers you a useful point of view.
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