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My boy is 4 years and still poop his pant?

Hiwhen my boy was 1/5 years old suddenly i found this problem that he cry and contracted his abdomen when he want to poop. I give him purgative drug but he crying yet however his stool isnot hard. Now he hase 4 years. We have barrium enema him but no thing wrong. I am try with present with playing and praise but not effective. He refuse to come toilet... he crying and poop his pant and never ashamed of this. Please help me...refrence many doctor and no result...help...help...
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This is not uncommon when a child suffers some form of constipation.  Constipation doesn't always follow a pattern you think.  Why are you barium enema'ing him?  So, if a child has trouble going, they often miss signals to go.  Or they avoid it.  My son was having regular bowel movements but turned out to be constipated when he ended up in the ER with severe abdominal pain.  Even when they have BM's, it can be moving slowly and building up within the intestines.  You can try giving him a glass of grape juice every day to see if it helps.  The average age in the US for boys to get potty trained is 3.5 years old!  I'd try the grape juice.  Continue praising.  And try not to shame or punish for it.  Ask him nicely to use the potty.  My younger son did not want to get potty trained.  I have no idea why.  Kept claiming he was the baby.  Boy was he stubborn. finally, I just said hey dude, can you just et potty trained already?  And he signed and said okay.  And he was from that moment on.  So, try not to be embarrassed, your son is not the only one who does this and just encourage along the way.  And do try the grape juice because my other son had all sorts of issues due to constipation that did not present in the typical way. good luck
Tanx dear. I do it
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Is there any body to help me??
Ya, it really sounds like he is/was constipated.  The problem is that it is painful!  Which makes kids want to avoid it.   The best thing I have seen is in the following link.  check it out.  It is very helpful and aimed at kids of this age and older.    
Tanx. But I try anything you think. If he constipation, then why his poop it is not hard?I see it when he dirty his pant. I scare he cant control his stool. I speak with him and say that he gose toilet and it is not true poop his pant but dont hear me. I am very very sad...
Make sure you read pages 7-14 of Sneaky-poo.  It explains why he would have this problem and how to fix it.   Basically his constipation has stretched out his bowel and it doesn't get the necessary signal for a normal movement.
Tanx dear. I am reading and translating sneaky poo because I am amateur in english. I come backe when read completely. Tanx
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