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My boyfriends daughter lies all the time mostly to hurt me and my daughter.

My boyfriends daughter who is now 13 has been lying and making up stories just to hurt me and my daughter. We have been together 4 years and it started getting really bad after 6 months into the relationship. When she turned 10. She would tell people and her dad I pushed her down steps, hit her, and threatened her. This last time she told her dad I was calling her friends and harassing them about her, I was being mean to her and threaten her again. Truth is her “friends” contacted me telling me she wished I would of died on the table when I had surgery and wished my daughter would kill herself. My daughter is 15. She was also going around telling my daughter and all her friends she was raped and then told her dad I was saying it. She has gotten to point where she can’t keep track of her lies and they change all the time. My boyfriend and I fight over this everytime shes here (every other weekend) this last time she was put between both of us and was caught in so many lies. He still treats her like she’s 5, he now knows she lies and don’t care but still takes her for ice cream and never made her say sorry. What do I do? Don’t know how much more I can take. I ask why she lies and her answer was I felt like it.
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I personally don't think this situation can be worked out.  She is a minor and not a very old one at 13.  A lot of years left for her dad to be actively in her life (and he clearly needs to be) and this will continue to get worse as time goes on.  Your boyfriend is a packaged deal with his daughter.  That you two fight over it means that he is not seeing your side or feels stuck . . . either way, it means it's not going to stop.  Sometimes packaged deals work out and sometimes they just don't.  Like dating . . .sometimes relationships stand the test of time and other times, they do not.  And that is supposed to be the way it works.  We have to pick the best situation for ourselves in life and this isn't the best for you or your daughter.  

Save yourself and move on from this man.  And don't make him feel bad for it because he NEEDS to be a dad to her.  She may have some emotional problems or mental health issues, I don't know.  She's a young teen (not a charming age to begin with) and clearly has a problem with you.  It's not going away. And you can't ask her dad to choose as that would be the wrong thing to do.  So, cut your losses and have a more peaceful home with you and your daughter (minus boyfriend and his).

Just my opinion, of course!  Good luck
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