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My boyfriends son is cruel to animals

My boyfriends 9 year old son intentionally hurts animal, dogs, cats, and mice. It doesn't matter how many times he gets punished for it he still does it. He killed his sisters pet mouse by smashing it in his hands. He seemed to have no remorse for it other then the fact he got punished. i have caught him numerous times pushing on dogs eyse or bendind there legs back. He ios horribly behaved as well and throws fits like a 2 year old. My concern at this point is that he may hurt someone like my 3 year old son. He needs help obviously as this is not a normal behavior so my question is who should he see a psychologist, a psychiatrist, or a licensed counselor?

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It would be great if you can find someone who specializes in child behavior. There could be a lot of reasons for his behavior. You need to find someone he is comfortable with so he will open up to them, or else it will just scare him.
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It is so difficult to find a psychologist around where i am that takes my boyfriends insurance. The boys mother has medicaid for the kids which would cover him no matter what place he went but she makes no effort to do anything for the children. When his son acts like this which is everyday she calls him to parent him instead of taking him to get help. I am at my wits end with it because it is not normal and i know it's not and i have to be concerned about my son being around him. I found one psychologist who specialized in children and left a message hopefully he will call me back soon!!
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You should call social services.  This boy needs to be evaluated.  You should also never let your son or any of your pets around him.  It is your responsibility for their welfare.  If this means not seeing your boyfreind anymore, so be it.  If there are other pets in the home of your boyfreind you should call the animal shelter.  This is cruelty to animals, and against the law.  You should talk to your boyfreind about all of this and make sure the boy's sister is safe, and all of the animals in his house have been given to/or boarded in a safe place.  No new animals should be re-introduced into the home as long as this boy lives there.  Your boyfreind is responsible for his son, but he has more of a responsibility to make sure his daughter (pets and others) is safe.  Your boyfreind needs to be made aware of how serious this is.  I don't want to be an alarmist, but it's my understanding many serial killers started out this way.
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My boyfriends kids live with their mother. We only get them on the weekends and yes I have three dogs and my little dogs hide from his kids just for the simple fact they are all loud. he has 2 boys and a girl. He doesn't really do anything to his sister other then the typical brother sister arguing and occasional smacking of each other. I have called a few psychologists and am waiting for one of them to call me back so that my boyfriend can take him. He totally recognizes there is an issue and we thought his ex had to because she said she was going to take him to a psychiatrist and of that was three weeks ago and she has done nothing. I tol my boyfriend it is his responsibility as well to get him help. I told him I would look for one that took his insurance and I have. The ex is very immature and not a very nurturuing mother to the kids. She doesn't work, just sits at home and lives off the child support and does nothing with the kids. they all need discipline for sure. I am totally aware that him killing animals is not normal and is sociopathic behavior and that he needs help to rectify this now. I believe that his ex's second husband abused the kids. he was a drunk and I heard some things that went down and it is obvious they have all suffered some form of emotional abuse if not physical as well. I am going to make sure the kid gets help though.
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On of my sons friends,  who was normally sweet with animals,  became aggressive and cruel during his parent's divorce and afterwards at about the age of 10.

Before the divorce my pets and his pets loved him.  He was very gentle and loving.  During the divorce,  he killed a rescue squirrel baby I was rehabbing,  and my dog began to run from him,   as did his own dog and cat,  where previously they loved him.

It may be that his parent's situation has caused him to be angry.

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I agree with Rockrose.  Children can only handle so much depending on the child.  
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Well his parents have been split for about 5 years and his mom did marry again but the guy was a drunk and abusive to the kids. I feel a little relief today though because I found a psychologist for him to see and did the intial over the phone intake information! they will call within 48 hours and then we can get him in and get him on his way to getting the help he needs. All three of my boyfriends kids need help but his 9 year old is by far the worst of the bunch. the other two have some emotional issues and are very clingy and scared of their own shadows. I think after the middle child gets some help i will discuss putting his other two in counseling as wellwith my boyfriend. Thank you all fo all your help and and insight! :)
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