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My children make me crazy !


I have two boys 4 & 5 years old, almost ADHD : hyper active, impulsive, agressive, always fighting together and with others, hitting, pushing, yelling, ... etc

I have problem when i take them to any place, specially the young one, when i took him to a club he push a child on the swimming pool, when we go in a vacation in some resort he push another child in the swimming pool in the cold winter ! he put me in a bad situation with others parents ! today i come back from a farm with my family, there was a old swiming pool , empty and there is scrab on it, he push my sister in-law's daughter on it ! she hurt little because of the scrab  things !
i feel embarissing a lot ! not only these pushing times
they always used to hit children in any playground, or garden, or at school
the 5 years son, his school asked me to not register him next year ! because of his hyper activity and no control for his self, and he is academically very good !
i will try to put him in Special Need school for his behaviour ! in a small class with 5-8 students and 3 teachers who know how to treat with these kids.
but this will solve the school problem, what about the life out of school, i cant take them any where !

i want to say that we have rules at homes, punshed them if there is something wrong, like time out or taking some of their lovely toys for 1 or 2 days depend on the problem.

we didnt give them candy, chocolates, any sugars during the week, always in the weekend and limited

tell me what to do !
iam 29 yrs and i feel that iam like 60 with them ! cant handle any more
every time me and my husband fighting because of them *but sure not infront of them* but we can not enjoy our life together .. always dont do that .. do that .. why u make this mistake .. .bla bla bla
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I'm kind of imagining your boys,  and I did go and view their pics (very cute,  btw) and I'm not seeing that this is neurological or chemical - they just have never been made to behave.  If I had a son who three times at the age of four tossed little kids into cold pools,  my son wouldn't be around a cold pool with other kids.  You know he's going to do it,  and no one has hold of him or is right there with him.  

I think you need to develop a very tough "outer shell" and stop being embarrassed to discipline your boys in public.  If they act up or hit another child,  that's IT.  Out of the playground,  you're done playing,  goodbye everyone we have to go home until *** can learn some manners.

And honestly,  I'd pitch him into the cold pool if he did that.  That's what happens to kids who push other kids in the pool -  a bigger kid comes up and pushes THEM in,  and then a group of kids push that big kid in,  etc.  He needs to be tossed in and maybe even just in a light hearted way.  

I don't sense they're future felons.  As hard as it is to be loud and obnoxious,  and insistent with them in public,  you need to do it.

Best wishes.
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