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My kid doesn't want to talk to her teacher


My daughter is 2.2yrs old.She herself wanted to go to school.So we put her in pre KG where the class timing is 10:30a.m to 12:30noon.Initially she did not talk to the teacher but now its almost a month.But she is very talkitive at home even she says what happened at the school but when I ask her about teacher she says I will not talk to the teacher or else tries to change the topic.But she even says that her techer did not scold her or beat her.Please help me in this issue. When I go to drop her at the school she cries but even when had fever she wanted to go to school.

              I talked to the teacher she says that my daughter is doing what the teacher is instructing,she plays but doesn't talk anything.In the one month she once said "I want water" the teacher is also worried about her.She says that she doesn't react;doesn't say anything. I am so much worried as she is a chatterbox at home.but she wont talk to anyone other than our family members.Is that could be a reason.Because she don't even talk to her schoolmates. How can I make her to mingle with people..
Please help me in this issue.
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The above is a link to a page that describes a social anxiety called "selective mutism," often seen in children in school.  Please read it and see if it seems to describe your daughter.
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The best site for information on the internet re Selective Mutism (in my humble opinion) is "selectivemutism.org".  I might suggest you first start by reading the FAQ's.  SM (as selective mutism is more commonly called) is a behaviour resulting from an anxiety disorder.  Even though many people have not heard of sm, it is relatively common.  The fact your young daughter actually said "I want water" while at school is good and would indicate her mutism is not that severe.  Let us know if there is anything else we might be able to help you with - all the best ....
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Thanks annie brook & jdtm,

From this monday she started getting along with her teacher.I'm very happy but she cries only when I drop her at her school...I guess that too will get stopped in couple of weeks.

Thanks for comments also...
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