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My kid... hoards?

I need desperately assistance, help, advice,.. something!
    My kid, 5 years old, girl, has started having huge troubles while me trying to get away her dirty napkins, she refuses to throw those to garbage, even I have explained her in different ways that once a napkin is used it will get stinky and considered as garbage...and garbage belongs to GARBAGE CONTAINER... she doesnt listen and simply doesnt want to LET 'EM GO!.
    She mentions that napkins got her saliva, smell, and want those back to her.... I've just cannot comprehend her, can't, afraid so I cant neither help her out.
    I have jumped to internet per days trying to find another case like this, but no results yet. Yesterday while visiting grandmother she started crying cause I flushed toilet and she didn't want it.. she wanted her pipi back... can u believe it!!!!???
   Is this the beginning of hoarding?.... Nothing new is going on in our lives, not that I'm aware of, Please reply with your comments, I immensely appreciate them.

PS:  still learning English, so apologize for any error u can find in above.

    Thanks in advance.
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Children who hoard like this usually have had a lifetime of insecurity,  or a family history of OCD.

Does she have either one of those things in her history?
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yeah sounds like OCD to me..how peculiar! Have you spoken to your family doctor for some advice? Hopefully she grows out of it..but you may find later in life it manifests into something else, maybe a more acute form of OCD or something.

She may just grow out of it though! Try distracting her?
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