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My little brother is hearing vooices

Hello I have a 16 yearold brother who says he hears voices. When he says he doesn't feel safe he tells me and says the voices are saying that he is not safe and he needs to run. One night I was hanging with a friend and he told me about the voices were saying that my friend was gonna hurt him and i told him not to listen to the voices and he told me that the voices would kill him if he didnt listen to them, then i prosisted that no one was gonna hurt him, then he was saying he want to kill himself.  I have my feelings it maybe a spiritual thing then some say its just a mental problem, please i need help to know how to help him.
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There are a variety of conditions that may cause your brother to hear voices that others do not hear. The most likely would be some form of schizophrenia, most likely paranoid schizophrenia. Please talk to either a parent, teacher, school counselor, or preferably a doctor. Your brother is most likely experiencing a fairly common condition, but since he is not completely in touch with reality, he may unknowingly take actions that hurt himself or others. I cannot stress this enough: you must alert an adult who can help him see a psychiatrist! Since he is not fully in touch with reality, it may be dangerous to talk to him about this beforehand. People not in touch with reality can be extremely unpredictable, and since you have already stated that he is being threatened by his voices, he could very well become violent for no discernible reason. With the appropriate diagnosis and treatment, he may receive complete relief from his condition, but you must take immediate action. Good luck to both of you.
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No one can diagnose any issues over the internet. Your best action would be to talk to your parents.  They are the ones that can help him.  If he is suicidal, they need to contact his pediatrician/doctor immediately.  They often do inpatient treatment when this is the case.  which may sound scary but is much better than a dead brother!  So, even if it is breaking his confidence and he told you not to talk to the parents about this, you have to  He needs help.  As a brother, you probably can't give it so turn it over to his caregivers to do so.  good luck
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Hey Buddy, I really hope you have sought help concerning your brother.  I also agree that it's very hard to get a diagnosis via the net,  but the symptoms that you described sound almost textbook for some type of paranoid schizophrenia. Not trying to scare you,  but it's imperative that you have him checked out by his pediatrician or preferably a credentialed child psychologist, post haste. Best of luck, Buddy!
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I have a mentally ill brother too. He had his first break when he was about 23 years old. Do not wait that long. It is going to be a long road for him. Go ahead and get him help now. It sounds like schizophrenia to me and medications can help. It will not go away and will get worse; he needs professional treatment. Tell your parents or his guidance counselor immediately.
He needs to go Gluten Free. Google "gluten schizophrenia".


The first two links are very good articles. The link between gluten and schizophrenia is clear. There's also a link between gluten and ADHD. Does your brother have any ADHD type behaviors?
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Please take your brother to see his Primary Care Physician, they are very understanding of situations like this. You'll most likely get a referral to a Psychiatrist and meds will be recommended.  

The meds worked wonders for me, with no side effects.

I'm feeling great these days. Hearing voices can be very debilitating and confusing. It's great to her that your brother felt comfortable enough to come to you and talk with you about it.

That first step, talking about it was the hardest step.
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He probably has a metal illness when I was little I heard voices but not that bad just like something is watching you and stuff bring him to a therapist to talk about the voices and also can be caused from anxiety stress depression ect.
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