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My son screams, hits, and doesn't listen

Our son will be 4years old this coming April 2010. He is an only child at this point. He gets very angry when we say no and will scream and hit. We will disipline him for it and then he will come say he's sorry and give us a hug.

I don't believe that he is spoiled. And is saying that, maybe he is and he doesn't like to hear no. At the same time we both work and maybe he is looking for other ways to get attention but I would like to be giving him positive attention, not the negative attention he has been getting. But contines with this routine.

The worst is when it's time to go to bed. There is an excuse for everything as to why he needs to get out of bed. So if we put him down at 8pm we are lucky if he is asleep by 10:30. Again he will get to the point that he gets so mad he will scream at us instead of listening. Talking, spanking, and time-out and nothing seems to phase him. I have run out of ideas on how to keep him in bed. His temper is most frustrating. I am not sure it this is a phase but we would like to get a handle on it. Its more like he is running us that us running him. He is very smart and we can hold a full on conversation with him. It's not like he doesn't understand, it's more like he does these things knowing that its wrong and continues to do so.

So does anyone have this kind of problem and have any ideas?
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Straightforward limit setting and discipline is the prudent approach. Follow the guidelines in Lynn Clark's book SOS Help for Parents (see sosprograms.com), and be thorough and consistent in doing so, and the situation will improve.
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