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My son stabs things

When my son was 18 months old he got a hold of a paring knife and stabbed my brand new sectional. Over the years it has continued with stabbing fruits, vegetables, the table, etc. If he sees a knife laying out on the counter he will stab whatever is in range. He does not go actively looking for knives but if he sees one he will stab whatever is near it.

As far as medical issues, I was told that he is a Spirited Child. But the stabbing thing is not one of the symptoms. Just wondering if anyone has any advice concerning this problem?
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I think that you need to get him looked at again by a completely different doctor. What type of doctor has looked at him thus far? Your pediatrician should be able to refer him to a child psychiatrist or a child psychologist. Someone has to be able to look at this child. This is very disturbing behavior. I wouldn't be accepting the answer of a SPIRITED CHILD. I would take him to see whomever you can get into look at him. Be very pushy about this issue. You need to advocate for his safety as well as your own. I hope that this info helps you out. If need be, post this question on our doctors forum but definitely take him to see your own doctor. See what kind of advice you can get from both sources. Good luck.                        
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