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My soon to be 5 year old told me "daddy let's her play with his pee pee"

Yes, while at lunch at home last week, she hS said that her daddy lets her play with his pee pee. I asked her more questions. She said " daddy asks me to play with his pee pee" I was shocked!! What does a mom do?? I called my husband and straight out asked him - he said no and that never happened. My daughter was upset because I was upset and she was crying, because I was. I now do all bath nights and I have an open eye and ears out. I've been married for 7 years, never would I think this would happen. When I ask her if anyone touched her pee pee, she says no- thank god. But I am wondering where I go from here? A few days ago I got her by herself and asked her if she knew where or when it happened. She said she doesn't know and that she made it up. Can a five year old make this up? I'm really concerned, I want to keep her safe, I want answers, I don't know where to begin. I am waiting to see if she mentions it again, but I think what happened is he was sleeping on the couch one day and she and her 2 year old sister wanted to look at his belly button and who knows?? I would think he would be an adult and tell her no! I saw the other day how she wanted to lay in daddy while he was sleeping on the couch, I think she tried to touch him and I heard him say no to her. We've had a talk with her about what's appropriate and what's not. Any suggestions??
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This behavior and language regarding sexual activity is much advance for a 4 year old.  I would not expect her to know this info unless she witnessed it and/or it was done to her.  It isn't unusual for little kids to be insistent with their responses especially when discussing such delicate issues.

What you need to do is have your daughter evaluated by a mental health professional ASAP  to rule out issues of sexual abuse.  This individual could help determine if anything inappropriate occurred to your daughter and at the same time, provide her with mental health treatment.  
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Thanks Mark. I agree, something had to have happened, for her to say it very openly. I think I should take her in to see a mental health dr. I was going to wait to see if she says anything again but my gut tells me differently.  Thanks.
I agree with Mark and I feel she was 'told' to say she made it up!! Updates?
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Please don't wait.  Do it now.  If she is currently being abused, this needs to be revealed so that it stops.  If she was abused, she needs treatment to overcome the emotional trauma of the abuse.  I definitely would not wait to see if she speaks of it again.  She already gave you enough evidence that something is very wrong.
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Leave him go get her checked have a psychologist talk to her be proactive why would your child lie
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Yes a five year old can make this stuff up snd be very elaborate about it, my niece at 4yrs old accused her father of molesting her (mother and father divorcing mom and her we living with us). When she saw the result and what happened to her father she then pointed a finger at me as well and was very detailed and elaborate on what she says i did to her and all this info was taken to the police. Im not sure why the police believed me over her but it put a big rift in our family until years later she admitted to everyone she made it up about me because she did not like how strict i was with her while living with us.
For some one that young to know of things like that. She may have been abused by someone else, saw it happening, or even had a friend tell her. There is still a reason for concern. Most women are abused at some point and never open up because they are afraid of not being heard.
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