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My step daughter has touched my 6 month old daughter inappropriatly and her mother and father refuse to take her to couseling. My Husband and I are divorcing what can I do to protect my child?

My step-daughter who is 6 years old has displayed sexual behavior on numerous occasions. The fisrst time (prior to me having my daughter) she was 4 yrs old playing with my friends daughter in  who was 3 yrs old (and a lot smaller than her). They were playing with toys in the room. It got very quiete so I checked them to find my friends daughter face down with my step daughters face in her butt!. I was so shocked. I askes what they were doing and immediatly my friends daughter said she made her do it and she pulled her pants down. My step daughter admitted she intiated the entire thing. She was talked by her parents but they didnt think it was a big deal.

On another occasion my friend told me she caught her with her son under the covers. He to was 2 years younger and much smaller than her. Then I caugher her in the bathroom with one her boy cousins looking at his penis while he was urinating.

Recently I had a baby girl and when she was 3 months old she touched her about 4-5 times. A feww times in the vaginal area and other times squeezing her baby breast. I saw this, her father and also my sister. My husband has talked to her and she says she hasent been toached. Her mother and grandparents do not want her in counseling. This is a sad situation that forces me not to let my eyes off of my child. Now we are divorcing and since this issue has not been dealt with properly I am afraid she will touch on my husbands days. My daughter is now 13 months and can not talk to me.

My intuition says she has been touched but who am I to say for sure. I feel couseling will only help and possibly reveal the truth as to where this behavior has been learned. Is this type of behavior just curiosity? can a psychologist help the child talk even if they are scared?

We are still in the same home and it probably wont be another 4-5 months until we begin to go to court for custody. What can I do in the mean time to protect my daughter, and possibly help me in court??
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The episode when she watched her brother urinating is not outside the normal spectrum. The other episodes are worrisome and invite very close supervision. Would therapy be useful? There's no way to know, but it certainly would not be harmful. In other words, nothing ventured....... Re: court, if you have concerns all you can do is convey those concerns. Other than that, adults should be supervising her very closely. By that I mean that she should not be behind closed doors or outside the supervision of adults when she is with other children. As an aside, if you and your husband have made the decision to divorce, it is not a good idea to remain in the same household when children are involved.
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Thank you for your quick reply.

Sorry I did not understand the last comment about it not being a good idea remaining in the same houshold. Do you mean the kids? Please elaborate.

Also I wanted to mention she has been caught making out with dolls and we have found one of her barbies cut up with some sort of sharp object?? When we ask why she does it or where she has learned the behavior. She just replies I dont know.

Thank you!
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I meant that if you and your husband are divorcing, the sooner you are apart the better for the children's sake. Do I understand correctly that you and your husband are stilll together, even though you have decided to divorce?
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That is correct. We currently reside together and taking care of some financial things.

Thank you for explaining. I was unsure when is a better time for my child. Her father felt it should be later, which I do not agree.

Thanks again!
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