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My two year old

My daughter is always getting upset when you dont give her what she wants fast enough. She will  hit you , kick . scream, throw things. So has no patience, I  dont know what to do! She has a little sister that is one, and I dont want her to think it is ok. The think is when she is at schoolPreschooler development
Preschooler test
Preschooler test or procedure preparation
School age child development
School age test or procedure preparation
School-age children development teachers say she is great! But she still have no patience. She has always been this way even when she was a babyBabies and heat rashes
Baby feeding patterns and she wanted her bottle, if we didnt get it to her right than nshe would yell. When she is not acting this way she is very bright , always wanting to learn and do things on her own. But these tantrumsTemper tantrums are out of had, when we spank her she falls and cream more, when we use time out she falls even more or will hit her headHead and face reconstruction
Head injury
Head lice
Indications of head injury
Radial head injury on the floor wall or what ever is around. Please help

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