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Naked children in bed with father and girlfriend?

My boyfriends naked 7.5 year old son climbs into bed with us each morning I stay over, is this appropriate behaviour if we are both naked?
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No.  Does he have his son full time or can you only stay on nights he isn't there?  That would be my heartfelt best suggestion.  I wouldn't stay the night anymore when his son is over.  
Or he can just tell his kid to not come into the bed. There is no reason this has to happen. He can have the kid knock and not come in with out permission, unless it's an emergency. When I was a kid, I had absolutely no interest in going into anyone's bed for any reason. Kids need to learn boundaries. At 7.5 years old he is old enough to abide by rules like this.
That is a good point.  Definitely kids of that age can be taught boundaries.  I just picture a whole family naked in the morning and it seems odd.  I've got two kids and a husband and that's just not realistic to our lifestyle.  We're up getting ready for soccer, school, or our days activities and sometimes couples who aren't married, newly together, and there is a child involved seem to be more about laying in bed naked than carving out a typical life for the kids.  Not sure, but my advice was more about a new girlfriend maybe paying attention to letting dad bond with the kid as there are suredly nights when kids aren't there when they can sleep naked, lock doors and just be the two of them to be as intimate as they like.  The kid in this case is just doing what the adults are doing, I guess.  

I'd probably have vomited if I saw my parents naked in bed together as a kid.  I had no interest in that.  LOL  But I did have access to them in the mornings.  In fact, I think my mom would normally be around either making my breakfast or hanging out with me.  :>))
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This is not ok. I am unsure why this question would even be asked. If a 7.5 yr old crawled into bed with me, I am an adult and I am naked... First response is not let the child crawl into bed. If that was unavoidable, I would cover myself and remove the child in order to become decent. Then tell my bf to maybe lay in bed with his child out of respect. Then again honestly, if I had a boyfriend/husband whom had a child with me or even outside of our relationship I wouldn't lay naked.
I totally just said from my perspective and gender reverse still I feel the same.
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Tell the kid not to do it.
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