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Need advice for 6 year old daughter

My 6 year old daughter is in 1st grade and is currently on A Honor roll, she always has B's and C's and every now and then a D in Conduct, the grading scale is pretty severe for 1st grade.  She is an excellent reader and school comes easy to her, thank God.  I am having problems with her teacher and do not know how to address it with my daughter.  Her teacher continously tells me that she day dreams, she enjoys coloring too much, she does not finish her work, she does not sit in her desk for any period of time, she gets up without asking for permission, etc.  She stated that she has to "pull a color"(dicipline system in class) on my daughter because she is a leader to her peers, although my daughter has friends, anytime a go to school events she is always playing off by herself?? I do not understand this comment from her teacher???  My daughter punishes herself more than I could ever punish her, so when she brings home anything besides a "A", she immediately begins explaining herself or crying.  I reassure her that it is OK to have B's and C's in conduct, she is a normal 6 year old, I feel like due to the continuous pressure on her in her class by her teacher, I have recently seen her acting out more, not listening to her parents, not being able to carry out normal activities such as taking a bath or brushing or teeth without redirection , taking longer periods of time to eat, and wanting to take naps which before she hated to do.  I am very concerned and have consulted with my pedatrician, we are currently waiting on results from a complete blood workup.  I do not know if she is having some symptoms of ADD or if she is acting out from the change to 1st grade with a very strict and overbearing teacher.  She is involved in many extra activities after school that she is able to release some extra energy and does well in all this activities with no attention deficits, she loves to read, play her gameboy, play her leapster and does not have trouble with these activites, why then does she not display this behavior in her 1st grade class????
I also have a 3 year old son who is very hyperactive at times and my daughter displays nothing but patience and loving,caring, attitude towards him, she is like his 2nd mother, she loves him that she will take the heat off him and put herself in trouble for him.  Everyone in my family knows my daughter as a happy, go-lucky child,who lifts everyone's soul with little letters, her happy smile or a song she made up just for you.  I do not want anyone in her life to change this spirted child, what do I do?? What direction should I go in if the medical aspect is ruled out???
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Having the lab work done is sensible, but it is very unlikely anything will be amiss in that regard. It may be that your daughter displays symptoms of ADHD, and that those symptoms are what the teacher is observing. There are many children who display ADHD whose behaviors are most problematic in school and less problematic in out-of-school settings (because of the different requirements for sitting still, staying focused, etc. that typify school environments). But it's important not to jump to conclusions. There are a variety of standardized behavior checklists that are designed to obtain a profile of a child's classroom behaviors. These are useful in trying to learn if a child does display symptoms typical of ADHD (or other conditions). It might be useful to ask the teacher to complete such an inventory (examples are the Connors Behavior Checklist, the Basic Assessment System for Chidren, the Child Behavior Checklist). You might sit down with the teacher and school psychologist and figure out if an evaluation is in order.  The checklist can be part of such an evaluation.
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